Soulshine Refinery Energy Healing for Body, Mind & Home | Energy Healing and Reiki in Beaufort, South Carolina
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Solution Refinery Energy Healing

“I thought I was losing my ever-loving mind and falling off the face of the earth.” Everything comes in threes. From plane crashes to school shootings to Brandy Hart as a third generation predatory female. Even though her life is at stake, she can’t recall why she is the way she is. Brandy complacently flashes her dentist office poster smile and uses the combination of 32 DDD 19 34 to unlock any door, including the White House’s. Possessing all the water in the world doesn’t mean Brandy isn’t thirsty; it means she’s drowning her true identity of Alice.

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Why do you need Sutty in your life? The question really is do you feel there’s a connection between your mental/emotional self and physical issues? If the answer is yes and you want to learn to empower yourself, then Sutty is for you!

This is only for those willing to help themselves by gaining a fresh perspective awareness of long buried issues. Basically I don’t fix you, but provide the tools for you to fix yourself. I am fond of the saying, “You do the heavy lifting, I am merely the spotter.”

My unique blend of Reiki and Theta Healing ®, among other modalities, allows me to listen to you and your body in a way you likely haven’t experienced before.

I am fond of telling people that I knew my real estate career took a different turn when I went from staging houses to saging them. (Licensed real estate agent for over a dozen years specializing in buyers on Fripp Island, SC