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Queries that may not have occurred to you yet, but eventually would have. Otherwise known as Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What’s the difference between Reiki and what you refer to as Rei-Ta? Reiki meshes with anything. Given that, it blends beautifully and smoothes out the tough-love of the other modality I employ in my sessions, called Theta Healing®.
  2. What is Reiki? Reiki is Japanese for Spirit-Guided Life-Force Energy. Reiki is an intelligent healing energy that goes where it needs to go and with just the right amount of intensity for our highest and best. Reiki is easier to experience rather than describe.
  3. Fair enough, but what is this experience like? Clients mostly feel a warm, sometimes tingling sensation from a Reiki touch.
  4. Cool, but what do these warm tingles get me? What are the benefits? Reiki is whole self-care and can definitely be a life-changer if you mash it into your daily life. Reiki energy is a whole lot smarter than the smart phone you’re reading this on. Reiki often lessens, and sometimes completely alleviates physical symptoms of a given disease, condition, or injury. More importantly, it roots down to core issues of a given situation which often, if not always, begins with a mental and emotional mindset. In my opinion, this is where the rubber meets the road. Reiki, and energy work as a whole, can often go into past lives to work on issues we have in this life that have no obvious origin. Some experience miracles, but that can’t be guaranteed. More times than not, a client will experience stress reduction and improvement in their physical and emotional conditions.
  5. What is this Theta Healing® you mentioned? Theta is a wave-length of brain activity that a practitioner has trained themselves to meditate into to bring about awareness and healing of a client’s core issues. It’s just another form of energy work and blends nicely with Reiki.
  6. How does Reiki differ from other forms of energy work? The main difference is that the Reiki Energy is passed on from a Reiki Master during attunement classes. Other forms of energy work have to be studied. Reiki itself becomes the ultimate teacher to anyone willing to stop, meditate, and listen. Your aptitude in Reiki will naturally increase the more time, imagination, and effort you put into it.
  7. All that sounds snazzy, but how does it work? The short answer is, I don’t know. Certainly, one gains understanding and knowledge as one grows into and follows the path of spirituality. I’m learning, improving, and adding new techniques to my Sutty Sessions with each session I conduct, or witness. Really, a Reiki Master/Energy worker is merely a middle man or witness to a client’s healing. Nothing can or will be done without a client’s consent and furthermore, this type of therapy only works for those willing to help themselves. All that said, I don’t believe we’ll know how it all works until after we pass on. So, just for today, set aside trying to figure out the brain candy of how it works and focus on the growth to one’s highest and best that it brings.
  8. Do you have to touch me during a “Sutty Session”? No, I can only do what you allow me to do.
  9. Other Reiki Masters I know rarely touch during their sessions. Why do you? There is value on either side of this coin and both are correct ways of giving a Reiki treatment. I was taught touch by my Reiki Master, and teach touch to my students simply because as humans we need to be touched. A good analogy is that of two babies. One baby is touched only for feeding and changing and the other is held in a loving embrace often throughout any given day. Which baby is likely to develop into a more balanced child, then eventually an adult? This is why I am drawn to touch versus not touching. With that being said, there are things that one can sense from hovering a couple inches above the body that one may not sense if you’re hands on.
  10. Is this a religion? No, Reiki, and energy work as a whole, is not a religion. I do not seek out “Reiki Infidels” nor try to convert you to the ways of the Sutty. Energy work is spiritual in nature, not dogma. When invited into one’s life it brings about awareness of one’s self, enhancing and highlighting the present rather than worrying about future events and living in the past. If anything, it could enrich to one’s religious preference.
  11. That’s a relief, but is it necessary for me to buy into any of the hocus pocus? No hocus pocus is for sale from Sutty. Only an open mind is required.
  12. Do I think I am Jesus or the magical, fictional Harry Potter by “laying hands” on people? Not even close, but if I’m going to be compared to a character, let’s go with Yoda. Yes, prefer Yoda, I do. Seriously, I only hold a space and know how to listen properly while acting as an intermediary between a client and his or her higher self or Higher Power. My opinion is that what is transpiring is simply a more effective means of praying that has been lost over time due to the human race’s desire for the magic pill; for the quick fix. I also feel that “evolution” brought on by the industrial revolution and advances of modern technology, in addition to less time spent with Mother Nature have contributed to our collective forgetting of how to properly pray. In fact, the less I try to do in a Sutty Session the better the results. This is what I call the art of non-doing.
  13. This “art of non-doing” sounds like real hocus pocus, a.k.a. bullshit. Explain. Fair enough, I am aware of what it sounds like, but the more I take my ego out of a session the purer the results. The less I try to “fix” or cure somebody, the better.
  14. You don’t offer a cure, why should I come to you? Cure is a dirty word that implies that change doesn’t happen. Change is the only thing we can truly take for granted in this life. It’s the only constant we have. That’s why I prefer and insist on using the word healing. Our bodies are the only thing that won’t lie to us. The more we listen to what it’s saying the closer to our life’s purpose we come and the fuller our life will become.
  15. Who can learn Reiki? Any age and background can be attuned to Reiki. Even children and people under hospice care can be attuned. In fact, hospice is starting to employ Reiki on a regular basis.
  16. Can a pregnant woman receive Reiki? Yes, I have been taught to wait until after the first trimester but after that Reiki has been known to ease the pain and emotions surrounding child birth.
  17. What about plants and animals? Definitely. There are Reiki Masters I know of that work specifically with animals and I always encourage my students to Reiki plants for a variety of reasons.
  18. Can I treat myself with Reiki once I am attuned? Absolutely! Reiki self-treatments are the only time I don’t find the statement, “ya got time to lean, ya got time to clean,” annoying.
  19. How often should I have a Sutty session? Initially, I would suggest 2 or 3 times a month. However, if I am doing my job, I am leading you down the road to self-empowerment which is what this is really all about. To quote Deb Shapiro, “we cannot control the wind, but we can adjust our sails.” This self-empowerment will likely include the attunement classes which can further lead you to being in touch with the Source or Creator of all that is.
  20. After we do all that is listed in #19 will we be good to go for life? Perhaps, but as we grow there will likely be itches that we do not have the objectivity to scratch. As we evolve in our spirituality, we uncover further layers of the onion of human existence that make us who we are.
  21. Since you are Reiki Master 00Sutty, do you have all the answers? Not by a long shot. I will encourage you to find your own answers. You should start with regular meditation, but this can include other energy or alternative healing workers, main-stream medicine (yes, I go to the doctor just like anybody else), and mainstream therapists. And if you have a question not found on this FAQ section, please email or Facebook me.
  22. What’s the difference in a Sutty Session and an attunement class? A Sutty Session will likely be conducted on a massage table, with the client fully clothed, but without shoes. It will typically last an hour and fifteen minutes and I’ll not only give you Reiki but also impressions received via intuition. Reiki Attunement classes have three levels that consist of Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and Reiki Master/Teacher Levels. The first class will likely take around 6 or 7 hours and can be split up into two class days with 4 separate attunements with a manual that’s provided. A Reiki Master carries enough Reiki energy to pass on those hot healing hands to others for the remainder of his or her life. A Reiki Master is simply a title, and one that creates more than a little confusion, which is why you’ll hear me refer to myself at times as a Reiki Masher.
  23. What’s a healing crisis as it applies to energy work? The double-edged sword that is Reiki, and energy work as a whole, is sometimes found in the speed with which it clears out old emotional mindsets and toxins. When speedy resolutions happen it can create a “healing crisis” in which symptoms will temporarily exacerbate. An analogy may be akin to hooking up a regular hose pipe to a fire hydrant. The fact that a healing crisis isn’t more the norm is a miracle in and of itself. I say this because, from the flu to emotional issues, don’t we usually have to get worse before we get better? More often than not, what happens is only wild dreams.
  24. I have heard that Reiki Energy can be sent to people and situations? True. Traditionally, “distance Reiki” is taught in Reiki 2, but I dive straight into it in Reiki 1. You will only be limited by your imagination where distance Reiki is concerned.
  25. Will I travel to your home or office to conduct Sutty sessions and teach the attunement classes? Sure, as long as you have an appropriately private/sacred space, I will make the trek to you. Travel costs and time will be a consideration.
  26. What does it feel like to give a session? If I have said it once, I have said it a million times: There is never a dull moment around my healing table. I love helping people in ways we’ve never dreamed possible. Ways that we had no clue about when the session first started. Most of the time my hands feel warm or electrical. On occasion it feels like my hands melt into a person. At the same time, I am receiving impressions from the client and their spirit guides or angels that are there to assist in a healing. I have worked with all ages. Conditions I have worked with include, but are not limited to, Parkinson’s disease, over-eating, achy joints and muscles, marriage issues, child abuse/molestation, golf swings, creativity or lack thereof, discovering how to be honest with yourself, past lives asserting themselves into current lives, and recently I’ve been feeling deceased loved ones that are now helping from the other side.