Soulshine Refinery Energy Healing for Body, Mind & Home | Home & Business Saging
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Home & Business Saging

Home and Business Saging—I am fond of telling people that I knew my real estate career took a different turn when I went from staging houses to saging them. (Licensed real estate agent for over a dozen years specializing in buyers on Fripp Island, SC


Our structures need tune-ups and TLC just like our bodies, minds, and spirits. (Saging has been proven scientifically so Google for a general feel of this Native American practice). Nevertheless, I take an approach to your structures as if I’ve got them on my massage table. This process is not always about “ghostbusting”. For example, it’s enlightening what the area surrounding a refrigerator in the home of an alcoholic or someone struggling with a food addiction feels like. This enlightenment then provides an opportunity for healing.


Home and Business saging (SCRE license #50731 Tri-County 1st Choice Realty):

$95 base price depending on time and location