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Reiki Golf

Reiki Golf on Fripp Island

Reiki Golf—We get out of the session room and to the links of your outdated mental patterns. Is this for avid golfers? Maybe, but why Reiki Golf? I like the metaphor of golf to life. In the words of the great amateur golfer, Bobby Jones, “Golf is a game that is played on a 5” course—the distance between your ears.” With the game’s mentality in mind, we take a holistic approach to your game as well as life.


Whether you’re a professional who just can’t turn that corner to a Green Jacket or a duffer who would rather have the open air of Mother Nature (green and cart fees apply) to heal your swing of life. Can this 25-handicapper doctor your swing like Butch Harmon? Of course not, but I bet you a session I know more golf history than you. Seriously, there’s more than one way to play a skins game.



$150 (Greens and Cart fee not included)