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Soulshine Refinery

SoulShine Refinery

Soul Shine Refinery’s mission is to be your Holistic Healthcare Provider on the sometimes bumpy road to self-empowerment. This road can look vastly different for the individual that walks into my session room. It’s my job to provide the map over the difficult terrain. Most people employ me in conjunction with or instead of mainstream therapies. I do NOT usurp mainstream medicine and therapy, but I can facilitate its acceleration. Some of the conditions I’ve worked with are, but are not limited to cancer, quitting smoking, Parkinson’s Disease, body image, weight loss, sexual abuse, nagging or repetitive injuries, PTSD, food addictions, unexplained or nagging anxieties. How do I do all this? I just listen better than most, take more time than it requires to write a prescription, and entertain more possibilities than most even imagine. Clients typically have a ton of insight to work with and an overall lighter feeling.